Fully Automated, Performance-Driven
Facebook Ad Campaigns

Save 20+ Hours A Week Managing
Your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Kuhcoon Saves Advertisers:
Over 40% on Average and 20+ Hours a Week

Data-Driven Campaigns

Our automated campaigns outperform every product on the market, including those created in Facebook's Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Programmatic Optimization

Our Intelligence System monitors your campaigns 24/7 and makes cost saving adjustments automatically based on performance data.

Automated A/B Testing

Upload multiple creatives and messages, Kuhcoon will automatically discover the best combination.

Live Dashboard Reporting

Ditch the Excel sheets. Our beautiful analytics help you understand ad performance in real-time and easily create reports to keep your team or boss in the loop.

Automated Ad Rotation

No need to watch your campaigns like a hawk anymore. If an ad is performing poorly Kuhcoon will automatically pause it and create a new one.

Beautiful Web And Mobile Apps

We designed Kuhcoon with simplicity and elegance in mind. Ditch the clunky interfaces for a gorgeous web and mobile experience.

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